Sunday, August 16, 2009


The first week of school is over and it went by super fast! Ty and I had a great time together (he doesn't start school until Sept 1) and got a lot done around the house! Here are just a few updates on us!

Lydia loves Kindergarten but has a hard time staying on her mat during 'brain rest' time... so she is quickly learning that she doesn't want her name on the chalk board and certainly doesn't want to miss the first 10 min of recess due to that! Friday she was able to stay on her mat and told me about that when I picked her up from school (that's how I found out about her name being on the chalkboard!). She is eager to learn and this next week is all about learning 'S'.
Cal seems to like his new teacher and has found that a lot of his friends are back this year. We are learning that Cal might have an eye site problem and so we'll be getting a doctors apt (hopefully this week) to find out if he needs glasses... this might help him with reading! It's his weakest area and it's something we're really working hard on!

We do have some new additions to our family! FROGS!!! We haven't named them yet... nobody can come up with an agreement! We are able to tell them apart however! The largest one belongs to Cal since he is the oldest, the other two are about the same size so the wider one belongs to Ty and the skinny long one belongs to Lydia. The kids have a lot of fun watching these frogs in their mini aquarium and get quite concerned when the little snail gets bumped upside down from the frogs. I've been doing a little sewing... I found a tutorial from Rachel Griffith at P.S. I quilt on making a friendship bag and made my own version of it! There is always something to make and it can be fun tweaking patterns and ideas!
I also found a really neat product from another blogger site! Melissa at Cornbreadandbeans introduced me to a new way of tea-staining my projects! I hate to make a pot of tea when I only need a small item stained and these new stains do the job! The item is called 'Distress It' and it comes in three different strengths. I took sample pictures to show ... the regular and Extremely distress ones have a slightly darker blotch on the square as one of my little helpers gave an extra squirt! Anyhow, the picture also shows a before square at the bottom.Dinner last night was a fun one! We picked out a purple Cauliflower (none of us had ever eaten one) and it turned out to be a hit! We steamed it and the kids let me have one chunk as they polished off the rest! Hooray! Another veggie on the like list!


rachel griffith said...

your friendship bags look great.

Suzanne said...

It was fun catching up on all your projects -- love those bags -- and first day of school! Busy times at your house!