Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two projects done and school has started!

It has been one very busy week and this one is shaping up to be a very productive one as well! Last week I had two baby quilts to make and after three days of brainstorming and raiding all my available fabric this is what I came up with!

This first quilt is a bright pink and white friendship star quilt. I used scraps left over from Lydia's sun dress. The quilt was made for a little baby named Chloe who was born early August! Due to my hand not functioning well lately, I decided to give machine quilting a try... just the basic cross-hatch. It worked and made the quilt scrunch up a bit after washing! I love the look slight shrinkage gives to a quilt!
The second quilt was made for a baby named Nathaniel... he should arrive this week! His mom is a quilter (which makes me even more nervous to give a quilt... what if she pulls out a ruler and measures... or notices an error!) and likes similar fabric choices. I loved making this quilt and will more than likely make a larger one for our family! I used a charm pack (Moda-Glory) and created some nine patch blocks that I quartered and then took setts of three blocks and added a white block to create a new larger block (confused?) and then of course a border of white and then brown to frame it. She loved it (and made me feel proud to give it to her) and later told me that it also met approval from her husband! Yeah! School started today! The kids didn't want to sleep last night as they were too excited about going to school. I was worried I wouldn't wake up on time so I set two alarms. Wouldn't you know, I woke up 20 min before they went off! Everyone was dressed, fed and ready early and we made it on time! My youngest has two more weeks until his preschool starts... so he and I had a terrific day hanging out together. Well, I have a little more sewing to do (several projects that need to get done!) and then it's off to bed! Night!

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