Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks day!!!

Happy Birthday to my Great Grandmother Emma!  She was a Kelley and she was born 124 years ago on this very Irish day!
Great Grandma Emma holding my Grandmother

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Wow, talk about being busy and not writing anything on the blog!  Colorado Springs is one place where you will stay busy all the time!  The kids have played Inline Roller Hockey every month we have been stationed here and with all the church/military activities we have going on... well it's a wonder I am even back to blogging! 
Lets see, quick update:  Not much snow this year (of course Kansas got plenty since we left!) but spring is def around the corner!  Both of the boys are now playing club hockey (tournaments every month) and Lydia is still playing rec hockey with her brothers (weekly teams).  She has lost plenty of her front teeth (naturally, not hockey related!) and finally let me get her hair cut into a cute long bob off her shoulders.  She also has updated her eye exams and will be sporting new glasses once they come in!
Tyler is our daredevil on wheels and on the playground.  Recently he was chasing someone on the playground and fell... later that day (after school and a hockey game) his dad took him to the ER to manage the pain and learned that he indeed had a pretty good fracture (almost a total break) on his right arm.  So, his first short (thank you Lord for a short cast!) cast with a camouflage theme.  So, that took him out of the Rink for a week but I'm am sure he is a quick healer and will be a rink rat again soon!  Cal is doing well with third grade... it's a tough age group and he is testing his boundaries with us at home.  I welcome the challenge, esp since Chris is home this year to help!  He finally got new (faster) wheels for his skates and is doing even better in his hockey play.  He loves his cub scouts and his new addiction are Lego's (which hurt when you step on them in the middle of the night!). 
I have been less involved in the military family (distance and commitment to my kids) and have been more committed to going to the gym and getting our family to eat even healthier than before.  I've been quilting up a storm as well... have 5 (yes 5) quilt tops about done and will be sending them off to a quilter soon.  The local gal that is doing one of my other quilt tops seems to be super busy so I def have to find another person to get at least three other tops done so I can give them to the kids school teachers before the end of May!  Yikes!  I'll post pics later!
As for Chris... he is busy all the time with the Army side of the house and we are currently waiting to hear from the army as to where we will be going this summer!  Will let you know when we know!
OK, that's the short update!

A few pictures of us last fall at the Garden of the Gods