Saturday, April 18, 2009

Whew... off to the quilt shop!

Ok, I finally finished the quilt top and am going to take it to the quilt shop today! I think it came out pretty good... it will look even better once it is quilted! It is a King sized quilt and def the largest one I have made.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Latest Quilt project

I am working on this quilt for my Mom... she is going to give it to my Dad for his birthday. It's a pattern that I am testing out for a future quilt. Our Church makes quilts for widows and I am gathering fabric for the current need in our church. It will be made up of pinks/floral. This pattern is really easy(esp since we will have people working on the quilt with all different sewing experience) and can be made to fit different size preferences. My Mom's quilt will have a floating white border and then a dark blue border and a white on white floral backing. I am sending it to our local quilt shop to be machine quilted as my hand is still messed up from carpal tunnel... at least that is what I am hoping it is!

Easter 2009

I am so far behind on my blogging! Here are a few photos of our Easter egg dying experience and a few photos from Easter Sunday. It was nice having Chris home for the egg dying experience... he is usually at work or away. This year he was in charge of buying the egg dying kit... he came back from the store with three different boxes of stickers, shrink to fit sport sleeves and traditional dyes...

The kids slept in on Easter Sunday and then we went to church. When they got home they quickly cleaned up their rooms and then hunted for the hidden eggs and then dove into their baskets and opened the goodies/cards that they got from Oma and Opa. Lydia was especially proud to wear her new dress which came with a matching dress for her doll Jenny. Of course Lydia is also wearing her new 'big' girl heels.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt Swap

OK, it is officially April 5th here in America's central time zone... so I am posting my blog for the Easter Egg Hunt Swap! Viv (standing ovation and several minutes of applause to her and her post office!!) did an outstanding job at coordinating this swap/hunt and personally I know I had a ton of fun making my eggs and receiving two in exchange! Below are the pictures of the eggs!

This first egg is one that was sent to me! The picture doesn't do it just... it is sparkly and immediately became my daughters favorite. Something tells me it's going to be hanging in her room soon! I love the soft pink chenille and the purple jewels... pretty purple flowers on the bottom and topped with purple and white trim. I might have to 'paper, scissors, rock' my daughter for it!
UPDATE!!!! I found the blogger who made my first egg!!! The Faerie Wysperer!!! Check out her blog! Thank you!
This next egg is the second one sent to me! It's a Marie Antoinette Easter Egg... Everyone should have Marie in her home somewhere! Again, my photo really misses the details. The Egg is covered in beaded glitter and adorned with ribbon, a variety of papers, snowflake like glitter and of course Marie herself! She is going in my room! There is no way my daughter is getting both! (smile)
UPDATE!!!! I have figured out who made my second egg!!! It is Lisa Kettell from Faerie Enchantment!!! She hasn't posted her blog just yet... so you're probably wondering how I figured it out... well... she signed her egg! I am a lucky person for receiving one of her lovely mixed media art eggs! Thanks Lisa!!!
After Church I will visit each blog to hunt for my egg's creators and to find out who received the two I made. Speaking of the ones I made... the following three pictures are the ones I did. Vivian chose one... although I am not sure which one she picked. Each egg was wrapped in a coordinating tissue and placed in a gift bag... Please let me know if you were the recipient of one of my eggs! I hope you liked it...

UPDATE!!!! Deb found me... she received the blue egg! You have to see her blog and the awesome skeleton bunnies who have taken this egg and wont give it back to her!

UPDATE!!!! Viv picked pink and this is the egg she has hanging in her craft room!
UPDATE!!!! Tina found me ... she was the one who received the yellow egg!

Shop Hop!!

The Greater Kansas City Area Shop Hop 2009

Today I am off to Shop Hop! I have my passport and the kids are going to help me find the animal at each shop! There are 11 quilt shops participating in the MO and KS areas. Click HERE to find out more! This is my first hop and I am totally excited!
Stay tuned for tomorrow as I will post the eggs from the Easter Egg Swap! I cant wait to find out who received the two I made and to find out where the two I got came from!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sew Much to Do!!!

I started two quilts for myself and have yet to finish them... one was started 9 years ago and the other 3 years ago... Unfortunately time flies and now carpal tunnel has set in (not fun when I hand quilt!) and I have a list of projects that I need to get done. This doesn't include raising three young kids and all of their activities! Some days I think I need a wife so I can do my quilting/crafts!!
I am also on a hunt... a hunt for a perfect craft desk/table. Our local military prison (the fed pen at Leavenworth... perhaps you've heard of it) will make something that I design for them at a very low cost (like materials only)... so I want to take advantage of this opportunity but I haven't figured out what I want exactly. It needs to be an all in one piece of furniture since we are military and move and cant count on space or a craft room to be available in each home. So I was thinking of a tall table (that I can stand at or place a stool when I need to take the load off my feet) that I can place my cutting mat on as well something that can have drawers or baskets to hold items and perhaps a cubby where I can place my bolts of fabric or hang my rulers. Hmmmm if you're a quilter and have an idea or a picture of your work table... let me know!
Well... this is a short post today! My son has his first pine car derby (Grand prix) tomorrow night at Awana's and since his dad has been busy (Army stuff) it has been a mom and son project... so I've been searching the net trying to learn this stuff and tonight I get to drill holes and help him fill it with weights and then finish painting. I hope he does well... he is doing most of the work but seriously... this isn't fabric! I wish Uncle Mark lived close by... he would be better at this!
Oh... and do you like the roses my hubby brought home for me?!