Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Milestones (Updated)

Well, I am officially 40. Have to say, it doesn't feel any different than being 39... but the 30's were definitely different than the 20's. Not complaining, I know a lot of folks my age who feel their age and I'm thankful that I don't! My in laws came to visit from Illinois and brought me my cake. The kids loved the bones but weren't too sure why it was a 'Halloween' cake. Even after explaining the meaning behind it they seemed more concerned that turning 40 meant that I was dying... doesn't help when their dad is deployed and they worry about him... so I changed the subject and just told them that some people find odd cakes funny and that I am fine and not going anywhere soon!
My oldest had his eye appointment today an he definitely needs glasses. He is farsighted and has an astigmatism which messes with his nearsightedness, something he inherited either from me or his dad. Later today we'll go shopping for frames. Here he is in the office with his nifty doctor shades. He did really well for his first official appointment and didn't budge when he had to have those eye drops! I was so proud of him!Ty did really well waiting with me while his brother had his appointment. We were in the office for about 90 min. which can be a very long wait for a 4 year old. Ty kept it lively though... at one point he (in front of a waiting room filled with soldiers and other folks) looked at me and then pointed to another soldier in uniform and asked me if that guy was his daddy. I thought the soldier was going to pass out and that I would follow his lead but I quickly told Ty no and that his dad is deployed... Ty smiled and then said 'ha ha mom, I'm just kidding!'. Several guys laughed... but the one soldier still looked a little pale!
Here is the update! Cal got his glasses (they are a dark blue/metal color, hard to tell in the pic) and wanted to have his picture taken... (for his Daddy) so I got out my glasses and we took the picture. He can already tell a difference! On Monday we'll 'see' how much he likes them during school!



Oh Kids can be sooo funny--and sooo Innocent at times--glad all went well at the eye doctors today for you all. Hugs, just, Di--Oh--I am not sure if I have left a comment on your site before--I am in the civil war siggy block swap and am working at getting to know all of the rest of you--big job!!!!

Christine said...

Yikes...that's too bad Cal needs least you found out now and he'll adjust to it as kids do. I'll tell you the printer/camera info. next time we chat..I just found out we could've saved $150 on the printer had we waited a few weeks..

Amanda McLeod Photography said...

He looks SO cute in his glasses!! :)