Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lydia, our Ballerina

Lydia's tumbling and ballet classes are a lot of fun for her. Parents were allowed to view one of the practices recently and so I took a few short clips of her class. Needless to say she isn't very coordinated or graceful... but in her head I am sure she is the belle of the ball executing every move with precision and fanfare! Enjoy!
This first clip (she is in pink) is of the class doing some tumbling exercises... Lydia is doing the somersault... By the way, pause the music at the end of the page so you can view the videos!

Now for a little marching .... Chris was very impressed! ha!

Lydia is learning French... phrases anyhow!

Can you tell she just ate breakfast before going to lessons?!

Balance... hmmm.... maybe not!

A repeat... sorry, couldnt delete unless I started over.... no time for that!

For this next exercise they are supposed to pretend they are all princesses going to the ball. The instructor asks them what they are supposed to do first (the answer is to put on their dress)... one girl yelled "take a shower first!"... anyhow, they are supposed to walk forward holding their hands out as if holding huge ball gowns out... then curtsy and then turn around gracefully.... enjoy this one! Chris was laughing so hard he couldn't speak... (he had to watch the videos as he stayed home with the boys)

Back to tumbling.... here they get to shake their pom poms while doing a listening exercise... Lydia is a bit of a warrior with the poms... almost takes out a few ballerinas!

Poor Chris... Tyler doesnt mind letting Lydia dress him up... later that night he had hair accesories and was singing 'i'm a ballerina' over and over while playing with his tinkertoys...

So this is our Lydia... she will be 5 on Dec 2nd and will be going with me to see the Moscow Ballet Company perform the Nutcracker.... I can only imagine what creative dancing we will have after that! Run Tyler and hide!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! We'll post more later!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Home of the Free,
Because of the Brave

Yesterday was Veteran's Day and we were able to attend the oldest Parade in our Nation (89 years)... it was also the largest one west of the Mississippi! The parade was held in downtown Leavenworth and ended 2 hours after it began. New recruits took the oath, the Governor was there and every club, band, organization, car, truck, horse, patriot guard, veteran and official participated! (over 200 organizations!) The most moving part was when the parade came to a halt and Taps was played. Every hat was removed, salute and hand over heart was placed and I was wiping tears off my face. It hit me that this was the first parade in America that my kids were attending.... There wasn't one protest sign, rainbow flag or other public personal agenda situation present to disrupt the purpose of the parade and it made me proud that my kids could experience a good 'ol mid American patriotic parade. Lydia and Cal had fun seeing all of the vehicles that the National Guard brought out... esp since they have been in each kind! Ty loved the old Chevy nova and mustangs (so did his mommy!) and loved it when the Patriot Guard roared their motorcycles by... he really loves motorcycles! The rain started 30 min after the parade ended and the day turned out to be one of the best since we've been here.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Lots of pictures!

Well, time has flown by since the last time I blogged... whoops! A lot has gone on, soccer season has ended and both of the boys earned certificates and medals. Each were able to keep their t-shirt/jersey as well! Cal will be starting basketball in January and Chris will coach his team! Earlier in October there was an Apple Festival in Missouri. It was a nice day and we wound up at the park in the center of town... so here are a few pictures that we took! Cal's new school has a fun playground so we spent an afternoon playing and taking pictures! Here are some of Calvin...
Lydia was the social butterfly and made friends with the older girls who were playing ... she would walk up to them and introduce herself and then her brothers.... parents... and then proceed to tell them everything she knew!
Ty ran everywhere and climbed anything he could! His asthma is a little better... we're starting to see it pick up due to the chill in the air. We are encouraging him to be active and hopefully he will have stronger lungs for it.
Halloween crept up on us this year! Our neighborhood had a fall cookout and gave away all the pumpkins for free! Ty and Lydia had fun carving, Cal was a little less interested this year. Cal was the ninja, Ty was a blue power ranger and Lydia wanted to be a princess and have wings... so we combined the two. It was a beautiful day (70's!) and made for a perfect night to walk around!
With the warm weather came lots of lady bugs! We were swarmed with thousands of them outside and had tons in the house. We have now gotten them out but they didn't really settle well with Tyler and Lydia learned that they can bite. It was neat for the kids to see so many different varieties! We have seen wolf spiders (lovely) and a brown recluse (already dead!) but there are two that we see all the time and have no clue what they are. They are very big and pretty interesting to watch! I will take them anytime over the formentioned spiders and cockroaches in Georgia!!
Chris is staying busy with school and is going to be brushing up with his basketball knowledge! Charlene has been doing well with the gym (lost over 20lbs and 5 weeks ago had lost 6 inches!). She has taken up yoga and ball (along with weights and cardio/running) and Tai Chi. Cal has gone with her a few times and participated.
The weather man is telling us we have a 50% chance of snow comming in on Monday so it looks like we are going to be taking an inventory of our winter gear! That should be fun! Maybe we'll have more pictures! Ok, that's it for now... until next time!