Thursday, August 6, 2009

Meet Shiloh

My blogger friend, Viv, has two sweet kittens and you have to meet them! They remind me of my cat when he was much younger!
Yes, he is a big boy! This is my 18 lb, 10 year old cat named Shiloh! We got him at a shelter when we were stationed in Washington and he has traveled the world with us! We think he is Birman and was left at the shelter because he was born with 3 ninety degree kinks in his tail. He was one of several kittens and was the only one grooming all the others. He has turned out to be a chocolate color but when he was little he was all cream with a smudge of brown on his nose and ears! He is a sweet caring cat and has stayed up at night with each kid as they were sick or not feeling good... and my guardian when I am not feeling well or just feeling depressed. Shiloh... he's the best!!!


Oma said...

Yes, Shiloh is a very special kitty. He has stayed at our house for several months, about 8 years ago, and traveled with me to Germany from California to be with his family. He remembers his "Oma" and always knows I have curling ribbon on my luggage which I always have to hide from him when I visit. Shiloh is a very important part of our family and has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen on a cat.

Swapping Howdies said...

Hi Charlene,

Thanks for sharing photos of Shiloh -- who could ever resist such a fine feline? :)

Thanks also for sending a note about the birdie pattern by Bettsi. You rock!

Greetings from Munich,