Friday, December 30, 2011

A project and a win!

So, on Monday (day after Christmas) I took Cal to Target so he could spend some Gift Card money.  I am so proud of his decisions as he purchased some much needed Jeans and then  had enough left over to buy a toy.  As we were getting into the car to head to another store I decided to quickly check my iPhone and saw that I had an email.  It was the best email I've had in a long while!  You see... I had entered into a giveaway via another blog and much to my surprise I actually won!!  It may not seem much to you but as a quilter who has had to pinch back on my fabric purchasing ~ this was a very big win!  I won a fat quart bundle of flannel fabrics from Kansas Troubles, my favorite fabric designers!  I actually started to cry as I read my email... Cal was so sweet to ask me if I was OK and when I explained what had happened he told me he was so glad for me because he knew it meant a lot to me and thought I deserved the win!  Girls... start sending in your resumes... I am going to VERY picky who gets to spend their life as his wife!   Anyhow, I have been doodling and sketching and browsing a couple of quilt books my mom sent me to figure out what kind of quilt I am going to make.  Chris wants me to make one to cover our King sized bed... that will be a very big quilt but a Flannel one would be perfect!  Here is the website, Kansas Troubles Quilters,  that I won from... and a photo that they had posted on their site with a picture of the fabric!  I am so excited for it to arrive!

I have also been working on a few other crafty projects.  This one is my first attempt at fried glass... I will get better with more practice... I cant tell you how many ideas I have swirling around in my head.  I need to start sketching and writing down my ideas!  Tell me what you think... any potential?

The End of 2011

2011 went by super fast!  I am going to have to write 2012 a few dozens times to get used to that change!  We had a white Christmas in the Springs this year thanks to the 4-6 inches we got earlier in the week that stuck around.  Christmas day was sunny with blue skies~ Perfect! 
Here are just a few pictures...
The kittens even got into the spirit of Christmas (NOT!)
Peter Pan
Captain Hook
(he has a hooked tail, hence the names)

One of the presents that Tyler got was a Paper Jamz Guitar.  Here are a few pictures and videos of our little Rock Star! 

Apparently if you wear your Nerf Dart Goggles you will look a lot more like a Rock Star!
Adding your brothers Cookie Monster flat bill hat helps too!
Talking to Oma and Opa just before he played for them.

Happy New Years Everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

That time of the year!

The kids are finally on Winter break... here is a quick post on a couple of things!  First, the entire first grade at the school got to dress up as Gingerbread boys/girls.  Most did but I wasnt going to sew a costume or purchase one for Ty... so we did a web search for some ideas and came up with the following!  Very inexpensive and was def one of a kind!  He was such a good sport about wearing this too!
This year for the teachers Christmas gifts we went with Sugar Scrubs and Book Marks.  Easy to make and hopefully enjoyed by the teachers.  Hobby Lobby was having a 50% off sale so I was able to get little jars (normally $1.49) for next to nothing!  I'm thinking I should have stocked up on some more... but I know the sale will come around again!  I was also able to purchse some ribbon with the first letter of each teachers last name for mere pennies and the kids helped choose colors for the beads.  Oh, and can I just mention that I love Graphics Fairy for the numerous pages of clip art for tags!