Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sew Much to Do!!!

I started two quilts for myself and have yet to finish them... one was started 9 years ago and the other 3 years ago... Unfortunately time flies and now carpal tunnel has set in (not fun when I hand quilt!) and I have a list of projects that I need to get done. This doesn't include raising three young kids and all of their activities! Some days I think I need a wife so I can do my quilting/crafts!!
I am also on a hunt... a hunt for a perfect craft desk/table. Our local military prison (the fed pen at Leavenworth... perhaps you've heard of it) will make something that I design for them at a very low cost (like materials only)... so I want to take advantage of this opportunity but I haven't figured out what I want exactly. It needs to be an all in one piece of furniture since we are military and move and cant count on space or a craft room to be available in each home. So I was thinking of a tall table (that I can stand at or place a stool when I need to take the load off my feet) that I can place my cutting mat on as well something that can have drawers or baskets to hold items and perhaps a cubby where I can place my bolts of fabric or hang my rulers. Hmmmm if you're a quilter and have an idea or a picture of your work table... let me know!
Well... this is a short post today! My son has his first pine car derby (Grand prix) tomorrow night at Awana's and since his dad has been busy (Army stuff) it has been a mom and son project... so I've been searching the net trying to learn this stuff and tonight I get to drill holes and help him fill it with weights and then finish painting. I hope he does well... he is doing most of the work but seriously... this isn't fabric! I wish Uncle Mark lived close by... he would be better at this!
Oh... and do you like the roses my hubby brought home for me?!

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Mom said...

Pretty quilts! I remember the second one.

Good luck to Cal on his race tonight. Please take a picture for us.
Love, Mom