Friday, April 17, 2009

Latest Quilt project

I am working on this quilt for my Mom... she is going to give it to my Dad for his birthday. It's a pattern that I am testing out for a future quilt. Our Church makes quilts for widows and I am gathering fabric for the current need in our church. It will be made up of pinks/floral. This pattern is really easy(esp since we will have people working on the quilt with all different sewing experience) and can be made to fit different size preferences. My Mom's quilt will have a floating white border and then a dark blue border and a white on white floral backing. I am sending it to our local quilt shop to be machine quilted as my hand is still messed up from carpal tunnel... at least that is what I am hoping it is!

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metown said...

I love your project! I have only dabbled in quilting for the last seven years. I have made a few but wish I had kept up with it the way you have. Happy Stitching!