Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt Swap

OK, it is officially April 5th here in America's central time zone... so I am posting my blog for the Easter Egg Hunt Swap! Viv (standing ovation and several minutes of applause to her and her post office!!) did an outstanding job at coordinating this swap/hunt and personally I know I had a ton of fun making my eggs and receiving two in exchange! Below are the pictures of the eggs!

This first egg is one that was sent to me! The picture doesn't do it just... it is sparkly and immediately became my daughters favorite. Something tells me it's going to be hanging in her room soon! I love the soft pink chenille and the purple jewels... pretty purple flowers on the bottom and topped with purple and white trim. I might have to 'paper, scissors, rock' my daughter for it!
UPDATE!!!! I found the blogger who made my first egg!!! The Faerie Wysperer!!! Check out her blog! Thank you!
This next egg is the second one sent to me! It's a Marie Antoinette Easter Egg... Everyone should have Marie in her home somewhere! Again, my photo really misses the details. The Egg is covered in beaded glitter and adorned with ribbon, a variety of papers, snowflake like glitter and of course Marie herself! She is going in my room! There is no way my daughter is getting both! (smile)
UPDATE!!!! I have figured out who made my second egg!!! It is Lisa Kettell from Faerie Enchantment!!! She hasn't posted her blog just yet... so you're probably wondering how I figured it out... well... she signed her egg! I am a lucky person for receiving one of her lovely mixed media art eggs! Thanks Lisa!!!
After Church I will visit each blog to hunt for my egg's creators and to find out who received the two I made. Speaking of the ones I made... the following three pictures are the ones I did. Vivian chose one... although I am not sure which one she picked. Each egg was wrapped in a coordinating tissue and placed in a gift bag... Please let me know if you were the recipient of one of my eggs! I hope you liked it...

UPDATE!!!! Deb found me... she received the blue egg! You have to see her blog and the awesome skeleton bunnies who have taken this egg and wont give it back to her!

UPDATE!!!! Viv picked pink and this is the egg she has hanging in her craft room!
UPDATE!!!! Tina found me ... she was the one who received the yellow egg!


vivian said...

I'm so glad you joined and had fun with the swap! thank you for the hostess gift you sent.. I kept the pink and black one. its hanging on my easter tree in my craft room! thanks again!

Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh, these are amazing. Prettiest Easter eggs ever! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and entering the contest.

AwtemNymf said...

Your right- Vivvy outdid herself in this fun swap! She's a great host :O)
You made some beautiful eggs- lurrve the fleur- it pops with the color you painted!
You also got some pretty eggs in return. *wink wink* I'm tickled your daughter likes them!
I've gotta get to getting as I have one more egg to find whose egg I got! Happy Hopping!
*leaves a faerie dust trail behind me.... I've been by*

Mom said...

I did not participate in the egg swap because my two daughters have the artistic talent in our family. But I can enjoy all the talent that was expressed in the eggs given to you and the ones that you made. (I love the one with the rose and butterfly.
Love, Mom

Tina said...

Hey there - I was the lucky recipient of the yellow decoupaged egg - gorgeous. Thanks so much it is in my basket on my table. Love it.

I had fun with this swap hope you did too.

Happy Easter.


Stefanie said...

Love the eggs you received, both are adorable.
The eggs you made are gorgeous. Lovely ideas!

Happy Hoppy Sunday!

Geralyn Gray said...

oooh a Marie egg----you lucky girl!!!!!! I love the eggs you made too. This was fun!!!!!

Debb said...

Hi I'm Debb from Debb gathering place I have your blue egg and love it. This was fun and right now the skeleton bunnys have ut and won't give it back

Folksie Linda said...

Wow those are amazing.. i love the ones you made..especially the yellow pretty.. and the ones you received are gorgeous too..what fun this was.. i am still looking for one of my eggs so I will be hopping along.. hope you had a fun day! Hugs, Linda

Elizabeth said...

I love your fleur de lis egg! The others are stunning too! Happy Easter!

Sherry said...

The eggs you made are so pretty!! I love the ones you received too. I still haven't found who mine came from.....I'll keep on hunting!


Christine Edwards said...

The eggs you made are gorgeous, as well the ones you received. What a fun swap this has been, especially going around to all of the blogs and checking out all of the creative eggs.

Tina said...

Yeah - thanks again.

Little Lovables said...

You received some gorgeous eggs! And I love the ones you made as well, so sweet!

faerie enchantment said...

I am so glad you like it and that I know who the other person is who has the egg.

I wish I could have made actual hunt day, but I have revisted the blogs all week looking at the eggful adventures.

Have a magical day!

Sharon/primthyme said...

What beautiful eggs ! I never new you could do so much with an egg !!
Happy Easter.
Prim Hugs & Blessings,

Thearica said...

These egges are gorgeous!!

and thanks for the shout out about my give away!

jillian said...

Wow!! Beautiful eggs that you made. I especially love the yellow one!!

Malissa said...

I'm a bit late blog hopping, but I'm still enjoying getting to see all of the cute eggs and all of the wonderful blogs out there! Your eggs are adorable and looks like you received some really cute ones, too!