Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In love with her journal

Every week the kids attend Awanas and frequently earn enough points through their workbook and memorization of Bible verses which allow them to shop at the Awanas Store. The kids (without prompting from us) usually come home with gifts for each other and for Chris and I. We have really sweet kids! Last month Lydia chose for herself a Pink Journal and announced that she was going to write in it everyday. We smiled and pretty much figured we'd find it thrown in the toy room with pages riped out and it's interest would be lost in a matter of days. To our surprise she has faithfully written in it and often brings it along on car rides or to the gym daycare. She is in preschool and is starting to learn to write so a lot of her pages have her name and sometimes have other family members names in it. For the most part though she scribbles and then asks to read the story out loud to us or sings us the songs that she has written. Some pages even have pictures. I am so proud of her for taking an interest in writing at such a young age! I hope her book shelf holds many of these journals filled with her thoughts, stories and songs!


Mom said...

What a wonderful thing to start at such an early age. I wish I had done that when I was young and also wish I had encouraged my kids to do more writing, too. Remember writing in your journals in Mrs. Speyerer's class?

Puddle of Grace said...

No, but I remember writing and making my own books!