Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I cant believe it's been over a week since I last posted! This is the last week for Cal's basketball season and I'd like to think that we're going to have a break but baseball is around the corner! Chris coached Cal's team and it looks like I am going to be the assistant coach when he coaches Cal's baseball team! That should be fun! Lydia is still doing acro and ballet and is excited about her costume for the recital in May... it's a mermaid outfit! Tyler is already showing me everything he wants for his birthday in June and has a dozen ideas about what theme he wants for his cake and party! He is totally excited right now because we found his skateboard in one of the boxes from our move this past July! I already caught him trying to wash it in the bathroom sink to get dirt off of it! He is in love with that board!
We have our next assignment and it will be at Ft. Carson Colorado! A big change from being told we were going to Ft. Bliss Texas! However, the kids and I are going to stay in our house in Kansas because Chris will be 'playing army' for a long time and I just don't want to put the kids through a major move and have them deal with Dad being gone. We have a wonderful church, gym and school and it will be best for the kids and I to have that sense of security. Once Chris gets back then we'll all move to CO and make that transition together. So... I have my to do list already and am trying to muster up the energy to get what needs to be done before he leaves. Time flies by fast.
I have had the chance to get some crafting done! I am participating in an egg swap but I cant post pictures until April... so you'll have to wait to hear about that! Quilting has been the craft for the past few months. Ladies from our church make quilts for the widows and I was able to participate in the last project. I was given a quilt top and asked to put a border on it. Luckily I was able to find matching fabric online and then added three different borders which I thought complimented the original top. The fabric was from Moda and the colors were a cream/dark plumb. It was sent off for machine quilting and then given back to me for the binding (since I enjoy doing that and nobody else really waned to). Over all I thought the quilt turned out really nice! The lady who received it is wonderful person who my kids enjoy seeing every week at Awanas. It was nice to help make something for someone so nice.
The next quilt was a new experience for me. It was a baby quilt but I decided to try out this minkee fabric and boy... that stuff is messy! I had the Dustbuster out and was constantly using it and then also had my nylon brush out to clean my machine! That blanket came out well too and luckily was the perfect colors for the nursery! Whew! I have a few more projects to complete (and in some cases, to start and complete) and then I hope to finish two quilts that I started a long time ago! Unfortunately I have a carpal tunnel problem and so I can't hand quilt for very long like I used to.


PeanutandSweetPea said...

Wow, those quilts are beautiful! Hope you all transition well to the time Chris will be gone and then to the move to Colorado. Love that military life! We don't miss the moves, that is for sure!

Mealy Monster Land said...

your quilts are so beautiful! looks like lots of work.

amy said...

You do beautiful work! My mom and grandma are quilters, so I have many fond memories of winter evenings in front of the fire watching them quilt. :)