Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yard Sale

Today was busy but fun kind of day! We woke up and the race was on! I left early to attend a sale and Chris and the boys took Lydia to her ballet class. After I spent a lot of money at the sale I picked Lydia up from class and then we drove over to the basketball game. It was Cal's last one for the season (Chris' too since he is the coach) and then wound up at the bowling alley for a pizza/cake end of season party for the team. Whew... came home, put some insulation up on a wall in a basement room that we're trying to finish and now I am blogging while Chris and the kids are at the park. I think dinner is going to be late and light tonight!
OK, back to the sale... It was called a 'Yard Sale'! Our local quilt store, aka Quilters Quarters, has moved to a new location and had many things that they didn't want to transfer. There was a huge sale to liquidate these items in Feb... unfortunately I didn't know about that but there was another sale today and I came away with yards and yards of material, a book, doll quilt kits, a small quilt (for my cat, Shiloh) and a cool Moda Flag bag and some fat quarters. Not bad for a 10 min shop and grab then wait in line for 40 minutes! Ahhhh... the smell of cotton fabric! I love it!

The quilt store will have their grand opening next Saturday... Guess who's going!!!!

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Mom said...

Wow! Lots of material and really pretty colors. Really like the blues!:)
Wish I could have seen Cal play. Looks like he really concentrates on the game.