Monday, February 23, 2009


Hi there! Just touching base with my blog peeps! How is it that February is the shortest month... that feels like it has been the longest month that is passing by so quickly?! Crazy! Perhaps it's because we have had a lot of changes occur!
Cal (my 7 year old) has lost two teeth and so now he has his four front upper and two front bottom teeth missing (cutest speaking difficulties!)... my daughters vocabulary and personality (she is 5 going on 16) has caused me to laugh several times every day but I wasn't too happy to find an almost empty gallon container of milk under her bed... my youngest son (3 going on 4) insists on letting his sister paint his finger nails and toe nails PINK... and keeps telling me that he needs 'boy binger nall paint' and asks when I am going to find his skateboard (still in a box from our move last July).
We are a military family that recently moved to KS... but we were moving to TX in July but now that has changed as the Army has informed us that our next duty station will be in CO (yippee!!) but with it comes a deployment (not so yippee) SO... the kids and I are going to stay in our house near our gym and our church (who needs a move with a deployment at the same time... not us... been there, done that!).
Lets see... what else, taxes: done! My father in law showed me a thing or two about an electric saw, drywall, wires, plugs, lighting... yes... it's time to finish the unfinished room in our basement! What was going to be an office room is now (thank you ARMY) going to be a quilters quarter! That of course has given me even more motivation to get it done (and trust me... my mind is thinking of all kinds of projects I want to do!).
I have hit the gym again after taking almost two months off to find that I didn't gain any weight (well, maybe a pound or two) but I did loose an inch off my arms and almost another off my chest (woohoo!).
I am no longer a 'beginner' in Tai Chi and am looking forward to participating in the World Tai Chi & Qigong day in April! I love this style of Tai Chi (Quang Ping Yang right style) and it fits well with the gentle yoga and ball exercises that I do. Even though I am active in church/Bible study, it's nice to have a way to help me sync my heart and mind with quiet thoughts, quiet movements, quiet breath and keep a quiet smile!
All right... time to get on with my day! Hope your Monday goes well... mine has started really well! Whew!

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vivian said...

wow! so much going on there! Boy, I hope your daughter drank that gallon of milk while it was fresh!!!! Yukko!
have a sweet and blessed week!