Friday, February 13, 2009

The birds are tucked away in their boxed nests ... labeled and ready to fly to their new homes! The kids had fun choosing which bird went to which home... they each had their favorite bird and I think are in a way a little sad to see them go. I am already brainstorming and digging through my quilting fabric to see what I can use next! I might have to create a craft calendar... I have so many projects that I want to get done!
I really enjoyed the One World One Heart event. I met so many new friends and have just as many new blogs to visit... I could seriously pull some all nighters just trying to read them all! Of course I am already thinking about what to create for the 2010 OWOH event!

My next project is to create some eggs! I am going to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt Swap... I found this through several different blogs... Viv from is hosting the swap. I am so excited... we will make 2 eggs and then Viv will send our eggs out to two recipients and in return I will receive two eggs from different folks. On April 5 we will post pictures of our creations along with the ones we received and then will have to hunt on the blogs to see who got ours and where our new ones came from. Anyhow, there are 38 of us signed up and that is a lot of eggs! Bravo to Viv and to her local post office!
Well, it's incredibly late and I have to get one to Ballet in the morning and another has a basketball game!

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