Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gifts in the mail!!!!

Saturday brought me a lovely gift in the mail! The photo above is of a beautiful piece from the "Angel" series by Nancy Donaldson who is a mixed media artist and photographer from Toronto Canada! The prayer reads:

For Little Children

For the sunshine warm and bright,

For the day and for the night,

For the lessons of our youth~

Honour, gratitude and truth,

For the love that met us here,

For the home and for the cheer,

Father, we thank Thee,

Father in heaven, we thank Thee.


Please stop by Nancy's blog! I have enjoyed reading it and I know you will too!

Thank you Nancy for this lovely gift that arrived on Valentines day! Even the card was lovely! Both items have a special place in my home! (And you made so many!!!)


Now for part two... also arriving in my mailbox today was this adorable little monster named Speckles. At first I wasn't sure how my kids would react to this new little monster (they have a tendency to be afraid of such things) but Monster Speckles was quickly given a grand tour of the house and much discussion was had over where he was going spend the night and who he belonged to! We love Monster Speckles and will probably be adopting a few others soon!

So... who sent me this awesome green, yellow speckled creature?! Why it was Nicole from Mealy Monster Land! Monster Speckles was a One World One Heart give away that I won! You must visit her blog and then also check out her Etsy shop! Actually, take a good look around her shop as she has a link to another shop that sells onesie's, plush dolls and adult t-shirts that feature her monsters! There is no end to this mother of three's craftiness!

By the way... my youngest has made a bed for Monster Speckles and so that is where he is sleeping tonight!


Mealy Monster Land said...

Speckles looks like he is settling right in! hope he is a good monster for you.

nancy said...

so glad it arrived , and thank-you for your kind words! now that the OWOH maddness is over we can all enjoy our new friends in the blog world, nancy

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

My owoh gifties arrived! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love my sweet bird. The handwork is wonderful and the little hanging heart.....oh so darling! I was also surprised at all the other wonderful things. Thank you so much. I hope you have fun with your grandmother's buttons. I'm so glad I won your giveaway...not only for the great loot, but I can now follow your blog. Thanks a million.