Thursday, January 8, 2009

Basketball season again!

This year Cal's coach is none other than his Dad! Today was the first practice and there are 6 boys and 1 girl! All of them are really great kids with very good listening skills! Hooray for that! It also looks like we have a couple of dad's on the team that will be great assistant coaches for Chris! The jerseys are gold and the kids are going to think up some good team names to vote on next Tuesday!
Lydia had her pompoms out and Ty practiced his dribbling... something tells me he will catch on to basketball a lot quicker since he will have more exposure when it's his turn to play! Cal did awesome... especially when he caught the ball with his mouth! He sucked it up and kept playing. It didn't, however, make his two bottom teeth wiggle any more than what we're used to seeing. So, no tooth fairy visits yet!
Chris is a natural at coaching! He is the kind of coach that will teach the fundamentals and encourage the kids to have fun at the same time. Lucky them! Here are a few pictures!

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Anonymous said...

The team (and coach) look great! No one will be happier when Ty gets to get out there and play, than Oma. He is really observant, so he will know all the things he is suppose to do. Uncle T. and I both think he will be really great at one sport. Predicting it will be football or basketball. Opa says basketball:) Cal--Anxious to find out the name of your new team. Have fun!! Love, Oma