Sunday, December 28, 2008

The weatherman says....

Looking out my bedroom window...

Snow one day, melted and in the mid 60's the next. Tornado warnings with thunder and lightning and a hail storm like none other that night and then ice the next day... what a week for weather it has been! The hail/ice storm was impressive and Lydia and I watched it (it was very early in the morning and it woke us up and neither could go back to sleep!) until if moved east. Our house sounded like a tin can being attacked by marbles in a car wash... it was loud and long! The weather report was telling people in mobile homes or other less secure environments to seek better shelter (tornado warnings and severe weather reports were being issued)... I knew what our house sounded like in this storm but I couldn't imagine what it sounded or felt like in a less 'secure shelter'... the wind was crazy too and it was spooky to see the clouds fly by so quickly! Believe it or not we crazy Hormann's ventured out that next night (icy roads still but we were fine) and as we passed a car lot I noticed the American flag had frozen in a part wave... I wish I had my camera. Anyhow this morning we woke up to a dusting of snow and a beautiful view outside of iced laced trees... with a blue sky and the sun shining it was a pretty site. My camera only caught a glimpse but I wanted to share it! I am really going to miss this next year when we're in Texas!
The view out my kitchen window!

It looked like spun sugar!

Our quiet snow dusted neighborhood!

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Mom said...

Beautiful pictures! Bet you are happy not to be in Washington this year. They are having a really bad winter. Stay warm! Love, Mom