Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow play

Chris' class had a small party and Santa paid a visit. Cal was in school and was given his gift after the party. Lydia had no problem talking to Santa...Chris had to lead by example before Ty would sit on his lap...then it was safe for Chris to leave so Ty could get his gift!It was snowing pretty good when I picked Ty and Lydia up from Preschool... so we played on our way out to the parking lot!

Christmas Eve day brought us some new powder and we had fun in the back yard! Good thing we did as it all melted the day after Christmas!Tyler almost took out one of the posts to our deck!

Chris and Lydia missed the deck but got the house!

Cal had fun trying his hand at snowboarding using the saucers! I didn't get video of the really good runs... but he has excellent balance! Lydia got smart and started to use the path that Chris would make!

Our last video is of our back yard!

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Oma & Opa said...

Sure looks like fun in the snow. Wish we were there to enjoy it with all of you.