Friday, December 5, 2008

Brrrr! It's cold outside!!

Two birthdays and Thanksgiving have passed and I am needing to catch up on my blogging! Cal and Lydia didnt have traditional birthday parties this year (holiday weekend and lots of friends were out of town) so we changed it up a bit! Cal celebrated at school. He gave each classmate a gift that we made in honor of his birthday, thanking them for being his friend. We took starburst jellybeans and wrapped them up in corn husks to make them look like Indian Corn... The kids sang happy birthday to him and he loved it! I cant believe he is already 7 years old! Chris kept thinking about how in another 8 or 9 years he could be driving... personally I wasnt going to go there!
Thanksgiving was a quiet one spent at home! It was nice to have everyone home... the Turkey was tasty (and a nice deal for a Jenni-o for 77 cents a pound if I do say so myself!) Cal and Lydia did the wishbone breaking... this year Cal realized that Lydia has a good grip... he won by a sliver... it was almost an even break! Next year Ty will want in on the action... I'm going to have to figure that one out!
The day after Thanksgiving this year was Cal's offical birth date... so we opened presents from Oma and Opa. Cal went first and was really excited about his puzzle and books. Lydia of course cant get enough of Tinker Belle and so a movie from us and some clothes and books from Oma and Opa were perfect for her. She is especially proud of her first offical necklace which has a momma and baby horse... or as she says, her and Oma! Ty loves it when he gets to participate and so he had several 'un' birthday presents too! Puzzles are a huge hit with him and he can even put one together while it is upside down... I have already caught him late at night working on Cal's puzzle!
On Saturday Grandpa and Grandma Hormann came to visit. We sang Happy Birthday to Cal and then to Lydia and dug into the cake. Afterwards the kids sat down with Dad and Grandma Hormann to write Santa their wish lists. Grandma took them back home with her as their town had a special mailbox for Santa's letters. Cal did a great job writing out his list with some pictures from a toy catalog. Lydia and Ty cut pictures out and Grandma helped tape them to the page

We had flurries all day Saturday but on Sunday morning we had some snow on the ground! We bundled up and headed to church. Afterwards we were treated to a birthday lunch at the T-Rex cafe! (kind of like the rainforest cafe but with a dinosaur theme) Lydia chose to spend her birthday money on build a dino... she chose the pink one and named her Pinky. Cal and Ty bought dino pens and Cal is saving his money to buy something after Christmas. Smart kid! He knows that the after Christmas sales will allow him to buy more.

Once we got home there was just enough time for the kids to go outside and play in the snow. We have some slight slopage (is that even a word?!) and the kids had fun sliding down the hill. Here are a few pictures and videos. I am sure we will have a lot more this winter~

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