Friday, September 5, 2008

Where did the week go?!

I cant believe it's already Friday! Lydia and Ty started preschool and the boys started soccer! Actually Ty suited up but nobody showed up (we're hoping it was the right field), we'll have to make a telephone call on that one. Ty was so excited about putting on his new socks and equally excited about using Cal's old shin guards, cleats and soccer shorts! Thankfully they fit! Ty also got a new bike this week... he chose a spider man bike and is already zooming around the cul-de-sac!

Cal is thrilled to finally be on a team where the color is GREEN! They chose the name Green Dragons. It was good to see him running around and doing really well! I think he had forgotten how much he liked the sport!

Cal is staying busy with school and is learning all kinds of neat facts about insects! He has a wonderful teacher and only 16 students in the class! The school even has it's own Education theater with a full dome planetarium! I wish all schools were as 5 star as this one! I cant tell you how pleased we are that Cal was able to get into this school district!

Lydia starts ballet/acro in the morning. She was in bed and asleep by 8:30 with no fuss... I'm surprised she wasn't already dressed in her outfit! Lydia isn't going to play soccer this year and has already made friends with another girl who has to watch her brother play soccer. Lydia likes that the field has some swampy areas... ideal for frog hunting! Although she didn't find any frogs, she did meet Oden, the nicest dog you'd want to meet! I bet Lydia thought she was in heaven... a dog and one that was the size of a horse (which she also wants)!

Chris is staying busy with school... lots of reading which he tries to stay a head of. He takes the kids to school in the morning (great time for them to spend with him) and then I pick them up. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Lydia and Ty come to the gym with me. There is a great on site daycare for them and it gives me two hours of workout time! I've made some new friends and also met up with some old friends from Germany! It's been the perfect place for me and I love having 'my time'!

Leavenworth Kansas has turned out to be a really nice place for us! We're still trying to get our groove in the new schedule figured out but for the most part we are gelling really well as a family unit. It's just a different situation with everyone in school and not having to deal with deployment/training schedules! It's also strange for me to not 'do everything'! I personally feel a lot happier and am starting to feel more joy during my day.

We're off to Missouri this weekend! We're meeting up with some old friends who we haven't seen since we got married! I'll blog and post pictures of that next week! Have a great weekend!

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SHELLY said...

oh.. how they have grown since the few months that we have been apart.. it seems like forever.. we are going to get busy here in a bit.. trying to figure it all out.. :-)