Monday, September 1, 2008


Ok, here we go... so many things go on in our family and most of the time I am not able to share it with family and friends as it would take too long to call and write everyone! Now we have a spot where you can drop in and read about our daily activities! I will do my best to include pictures, quotes and brief updates...
This past July was a busy one for us. We packed up and moved from Ft. Lewis Washington to Ft. Leavenworth Kansas. We bought a home in the town of Leavenworth (which we love!) and are still unpacking boxes! We have a huge yard which faces a small pond with a big field and a few horses! Lydia would love to ride them!
Chris and Cal both started their schools on August 11th and Lydia and Tyler will start part day preschool tomorrow morning. Soccer starts this week for the boys and Lydia will begin Ballet/Acro this weekend. Cal is taking a short break from Tae Kwon Do as he is very busy with his other activities and school! We have also found a great church and the kids will start Awana's next week. They are busy memorizing their first verse and really want to earn their vests!
I am really happy to have Chris home this year! This will be the first time since we have been married (almost 14 years) that he will be home for the entire year! He has been a huge help with the home and kids which has allowed me some time to take care of myself! I have joined a gym and have a personal trainer... this year is going to be about myself and health and so far the kids and Chris have been supportive!
Well, I am going to close for tonight. The kids are in bed and we have a big day tomorrow! Nite!


Grandma Susan said...

Glad to have you online where I can check what everyone is doing. I know all of you are very busy. Hope to see some pictures soon. Take care! Love, Mom aka Grandma Susan (Oma)

Grandma Susan said...

The kittens are so cute! Are they black and white like Tux? Wish I could hold one. Cal--how about a big smile for Oma? Love and miss you all.

SHELLY said...

okay, how the heck do i add u to my friend blog?

PeanutandSweetPea said...

Hi there! This is Earline from Monterey so many years ago! I wish I had known you were up here in WA! We live in Tacoma, have been here for 12 years! I just found you off of Tammy's site. Check out our little corner of the net too!