Saturday, September 13, 2008


Cal had another good soccer practice on Tuesday! Thursday wound up being a 10 min practice due to rain. We've had a lot of it lately and the ground was just too soggy, not everyone has cleats. Here are a few pictures of Cal from Tuesday.

Apparently Ty's soccer league started this week, not last week! Hooray! He is apart of Start Smart Soccer... where he gets to have Dad as his partner and learns the basic soccer skills and techniques. Later he will move up to a team and play games. Because of the rain, his practice was cancelled but he was able to meet the other kids and get his equipment (which he gets to keep!). He was very proud to get two balls (one for inside, one for outside), some cones and a pair of shin guards! Hopefully next week the weather will be more cooperative and Chris will have a good school schedule so he can practice with Ty. Both of the boys have practice at the same time but in two different parts of the post.

You may wonder if we've had a lot of rain due to the Gulf Coast... yes. A lot of country areas and some in town streets have flooding going on... other counties have had creeks and rivers flood. We also had two Tornadoes pass through some southern towns not too far from here last night. We were on watch for them but no sirens! Speaking of sirens... I remembered that they test them at the beginning of the month out here... so no big deal when I heard one at lunch time... but when I heard a second one and it was a different sound I was a little concerned! Apparently we are a couple of blocks away from a town line and so I have two sirens! I'm glad about that... I know I will hear it when it counts!!! We will probably continue to have some rain this weekend but it appears "Ike" isn't going to make it up to our county... just a little south!
Say a little prayer for Lydia... she had a great time with Ballet this morning but when she came home she helped herself to an ice cube and wound up getting it stuck to her tongue... and then ripped it off, creating a slight tear which (she doesn't realize) will hurt in the very near future! Crazy girl, maybe she will stop getting into the ice and eating it! (we have one of those fridges that lets you help yourself to water, crushed ice and ice cubes... the kids love it)

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