Friday, September 8, 2017

I'm Back!!

Oh my! It has been too many years since I last blogged! Sorry about that! I'm back and hopefully I can keep this up! The quick update is: We moved back to Germany (2012) after living in Colorado, Retired from the Army, moved to NC for 18 months and joined my husband in Italy in 2016 (July) at his new job with the Army! We are slowly but surely adjusting to our new life as a retired military family living in Northern Italy. The kids are in Middle School/High School and will most likely spend the rest of their mandatory school career here. College will most likely be back in the states. I'm still quilting and have taught myself how to needle punch and sew with wool. I'm also still active with PWOC an am making new friends as the tide of military moves in our community bring new people to our area!

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