Friday, June 25, 2010

It's hot out there but it's nice and cool in here!!

The month of June is close to an end and the busiest part of my summer is about to begin.  Chris will be home tonight after finishing his two week reintegration from the deployment and we are really looking forward to having him home! 
So what is going to make the summer get really busy?!  We are moving to Ft. Carson, Colorado!  That is where Chris' unit is and now that they are back home we are going to also make our home there too.  I just hope there is a way we can stay put for a few years instead of one.  Kansas has been good to us and we are leaving behind a nice community and an awesome church family.  Friends like that make it hard to move, esp when I have to watch my kids say goodbye... again.

I finished a quilt!  The sneak peak from the last blog is now completed.  I love the fabric (Rouenneries by French General) and low and behold there is a pattern/kit from p.s.i quilt that uses the same fabric line. 
It is called Almost Irish and was featured in the current Irish Quilting Magazine.  So... I am lining up my projects to start and complete while in Colorado.  I cant wait... and this one is staying home with me!
Another quilt I am working on is a BOM from Quilt Happy, Quilt Often and it is called Love is....  A long time ago I taught myself a little cross stitch and embroidery and I have decided to pick it back up.  It is such a satisfying, easy to take on the road craft and I am so glad I have found folks out there who encourage me to do it.  I have chosen the moda fabric line Rural Jardin by French General.  I am planing on making this quilt with a few more blocks added! 
So, do you ever wonder what happens to my finished quilts?  I am learning to keep some for myself... however my cat, Shiloh, thinks they are for his usage.  Here are a few pics of him... doesn't he have the best life?!

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Darlene said...

Beautiful projects! Love Is is coming along nicely. A busy time, indeed - oh I remember those days. Sometimes I really miss them. :-)