Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Birthday!!!

My girl is 6! Four days after her brother turned 8 miss Lydia turned 6. Talk about overload on cake and classroom cupcakes in just a few days! Since it's the holiday season we try very hard to make each birthday an actual birthday and not an extension of the Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration. So far we've been able to do that.
As some of you may have heard, I had an accident this past weekend. Me and the kids were at a Christmas parade (all the floats were lit and it really was a lot of fun) when we spotted some folks we knew in the parade and tried to 'quickly' get across the street. Well, one of the kids cut in front of me and down I went. I got up and got across the street but then I started to limp and noticed some blood on my knee. Absolutely no scrapes (or even gravel) on my hands and no holes in my jeans so I figured I had a nice scrape on my knee. I convinced the kids to walk back to the car and sit in there while we waited for the end of the parade and fireworks and then we'd head home. By the time we got home my jeans were pretty bloody and the scrape wound up being a 2 inch gash. Off to the ER I went where we were met by some friends who took the kids for the night. One friend brought me dinner and another hung out with me while I was stitched up. Now I am not one to sit and do nothing like the doctors wants me to do, so off came the immobilizer brace and up and down those stairs I went to make sure I didn't become stiff. I also iced my knee pretty good and frequently and so far I am doing fine. The rest of my body is now feeling a little sore but for the most part I can drive and get around. Today we had at least 5 inches of snow and more to come so I am very thankful for friends who have done my grocery shopping, brought me food and shoveled my driveway!

So... what to do when you are kinda stuck at home?! Why, it's quilting time and craft time! This afternoon I'll post one of the crafts I did as a gift for the teachers at school. Really easy and lots of fun to make with the kids!

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