Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Less than 3 weeks until school starts!!!

Have you ever had those kinds of days where it moves really slow and then bam... next thing you know it's been a fast week?! Crazy!
The kids and I are trying to get back onto a school sleep schedule and its tough to do when it stays light out until 9 pm. Something tells me it's going to get easier once school does start and so do the sport and Awana schedules! (Please please please please!!!)
Lydia is already signed up for her ballet/acrobat classes and Cal has decided to do flag football this season instead of soccer. He hasn't lost interest in soccer but I think it's a smart move on his behalf to give football a try while the opportunity is available! Ty is bummed that he is too young to sign up but you can tell he is excited to hang out at Cal's practices!
We have met many of our new neighbors and the boys are excited that it's not an 'all girl' neighborhood anymore! It should be a fun year and hopefully since Chris is gone, it will be a busy year that passes at just the right tempo!
By the way, did I mention that Chris' cousin, Amanda took some photos of us?! She hasn't gotten all of them ready for me yet (she is very busy with tons of weddings this summer) but here are three of them...


Oma said...

Hard to believe it is time to get ready for school. Always loved buying new school supplies. I still do. Give me an Office Depot catalog and I am a happy camper.
Excited that the kids are signed up for their ballet and flag football. I cannot wait for Ty to be old enough. He has waited so long. He is going to be great at whatever he chooses. He will have that drive and the heart to go all out. Take care, Mom


Hi Charlene--I remember the count down to "back to school" I don't think a MOM ever forget it even when her "kids" are all grown up and left the nest!!! MY name is Diane and I have also signed up for the Sig block swap and therefore I am looking up everyone else, cause I want to truly say that when the blocks come back that these are all signed by friends--so I will be back to get to know you--and you can stop over at my site to get to know me if you would like--in the mean time--take care--hugs, just, Di

Anonymous said...

The pictures of your family are gorgeous! What a beautiful family. I love "back to school" days. It always makes me want to buy fresh paper and new pencils.

Amanda McLeod Photography said...

I will post those pictures soon. I will post those pictures soon. I will post those pictures TODAY!

Sorry it has taken so long! They are basically done I just keep forgetting to make your gallery.

Today. I promise!

PeanutandSweetPea said...

We will be starting kindergarten with both Andrew and Nicole this year. We have chosen to home school, Steve will be the mastermind behind the process, I will be the "teacher's helper". I am nervous but excited, and have set up our homeschool coop and the ymca coop, so it should be a full year. Your post made me think of the old Staples commercial, too funny. Here is the link to it on youtube: