Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July and deployment

4th of July is a favorite holiday in our home. We love fireworks and the flag ... being a military family we especially love our country and the service members who serve Americas needs. This year it marked the end of an awesome year of having Chris home (first time since I have known him that he has been able to spend 365 days in a row at home every night~ we've known each other 17 years!). Chris left for Colorado Springs the next day to prepare for a deployment to Afghanistan in the middle of the month. Here are some pictures of our day and then some of the next day when we drove to the airport.
Cal and Chris took charge of the grills. Cal has the smaller one and did the dogs while Chris had the larger one and did the burgers. Cal does an awesome job at grilling the dogs (none of the kids like them charred) and is looking forward to continuing these duties when Chris is gone.

After we ate we headed to the Fort Leavenworth festivities. There were a few jumps and so the kids and I had fun going over to landing site to watch some of the jumpers come in. It was a really windy afternoon and we're very thankful that they still did the jump and were able to do it safely!

Cal had fun looking for different state flags. He found the CA flag (state of his birth and my home state) as well as the IL flag (Chris' state flag) and the KS flag (our current home). Lydia and Ty couldn't find their flags as they were born in Germany! It was especially fun to cheer for our flags as they were called out in order of when they joined the union (and yes, a cannon went off for each flag!)

Finally it was dark enough (after 9:30 pm) for the fireworks to start. The wind blew most of the rain clouds over to MO and we only had a few sprinkles at the end. The Army did a great job with all of the fireworks!

Everyone always hates it when the fireworks are over, I especially was bummed it was over because I knew we had to let Chris go the next day. After church Chris finished packing and then it was one more 'toss the football' moment with Dad and then off to the airport. Cal was in charge of pictures once we were there. Here are the photos... one of Chris with the kids and then the ones Cal took.

Ty was very sad and very quiet on the way home. We went to the evening service at church where we BBQ'd afterwards and then played softball. It was good for me and the kids to have somewhere to go and something to do instead of sitting at home. While Ty and I were in the outfield he saw an airplane fly over... I know because I heard him say 'Bye Bye Daddy!' and wave.


Oma said...

Nice pictures but the last one with the story of the plane made me cry!!
Everytime I read it, I choke up. Love you all. Mom

Quilt Hollow said...

I've lived what your going through now. Reading this post sure brings back some not so fond memories of those goodbyes and how hard it is on the kids not to mention us. A time or two my husband left on my youngest birthday. We still hear about it to this day. Many holidays missed and when I read yours was home for 365 nights straight I thought WOW....never ever in our 23 years were we so fortunate. I can still remember the two years spent in GA..he was gone 340 days sporatically in that time frame. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Suzanne said...

Oh my. I have a new appreciation for servicemen and their families. I've always been grateful for their service, but this puts it all in a new light. Thank you for sharing this very personal and heartfelt post.

PeanutandSweetPea said...

I can only imagine...We did the deployments, but never with kids. It brings a whole new layer to it for sure! God's blessings on you and the kids!


The Three of Us said...

I agree with your Mom. Reading the story about the night Chris deployed almost made me cry too. I'll be keeping you all in my prayers while he's gone.