Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's hot out there... they need a bird bath!!

Well, Ariel and her chicks have flown out into the neighborhood and so perhaps I will be able to revive my poor dying plants! We still have the Robin and her eggs and of course Johnny and June seem to be busy feeding some baby birds in their nest (still cant see them). It's been so hot out that we took Oma's advice and got a bird bath for our front yard (central to the nests and our viewing pleasure!). Hopefully in the next couple of days the Heat Advisory will go away and we can have a few cooler days.
This is Shiloh, our 10 year old cat trying to keep cool! He has some serious matting going on and something tells me he isn't going to continue letting me brush him so we might have to visit a groomer. The birds have entertained him and now that we have a birdbath he just might find it even more interesting. Shiloh is an indoor cat but loves to chat with whatever is on the other side of the window!
Chris and Ty sat patiently for a little while hoping to see which birdie would be the first to test the bird bath...The kids also took a picture of our frog... he's back! Above our front door is a large window and so it's fun to watch the little frogs leap along the window... interesting to see their undersides. Anyhow, it provides fun entertainment before bed! If we leave our porch light on we can even watch them eat their buggy delights! Last year we had a few frogs so we're anxious to see how many we'll have this year!

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Oma said...

So glad you got the bird bath. Happy bird watching! Oma