Friday, June 19, 2009

The Hormann Aviary

A lot has happened since I last posted about the birds... we have identified the actual identities of the birds, their nests and their eggs... and some have hatched! Here is the update!
First we will begin with the barn swallow. They have their nest above our front door. She (we named her June) has been spending more time sitting in her nest so we know there are eggs up there. If only we had a mirror so we could take a peek! I doubt she would like it if I took the ladder out to take a photo! Here is a picture of her from tonight. The male (we named him Johnny) still hangs out but I couldn't get his 'mug shot' tonight.
The second nest belongs to a sweet little House Wren. Lydia named her Ariel (haven't seen the male but he was named Sebastian). She allowed us to photograph her eggs (she is in my previous post, unfortunately I thought her eggs were the Barn Swallow's). Since our last post the eggs have hatched and now the chicks have fluffy feathers and have moved out of the nest and into the rest of the hanging plant. Due to that I am now unable to water my poor plant and am not sure when I will be able to do so. Hmmm so much for that. There are 5 chicks and no, Lydia hasn't named them... yet.

The first picture is of them around a day or two old... they were still a little wet.They were a hungry bunch! Their eyes were still closed and when I moved the planter they started prepping for food!This next photo was taken by my mom ... their eyes were finally open!The chicks are now big enough to take over the planter. All five are huddled together. They were pretty quiet so we are guessing they just ate. I got to watch her feed them earlier in the morning and wow... those kids can eat! They are just as noisy as mine are at meal time! The third nest is in a small tree in our front yard. It's a Robins nest and tonight she let us get a photo of her beautiful blue eggs.

Last but not least are the chickadees... at least that's what I think I have. They had a nest on our roof somewhere between all the different levels and we heard their beginnings because it sounded like they were IN our house. Luckily they weren't but they sure are tough to get pictures of. This morning I was watching them practice their take offs and landings from the corner of our roof... They were experts and thankfully none of them had a mishap!
OK, that's the update on our birds! Thanks to Oma (who came for a visit) we have a nice bird book to look at and the kids are having fun learning about our feathery friends. Its been busy in our cul-de-sac... new bunnies, deer across the street, the horses are out at the pond and we have new 'humans' moving in as well!

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