Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nora Jean's quilt!

A friend of mine is about to have her first baby and it's going to be a girl!! Nora Jean will be her name and since Bethany's (The Mommy) husband used to work with my husband in Germany/Iraq, I really wanted to make a neat quilt and hand quilt it for her.
So... I spent most of last Saturday coming up with a design (luckily I keep my quilt magazines!) and then started cutting and piecing on Sunday and then started hand quilting on Monday night and finished at 6:00 pm on Tuesday... the baby shower was at 6:30 pm!!! One of the themes for the nursery was frogs... so the backing had a panel of frogs framed with a pink border and then I machine appliqued a flower which I signed and dated. It was a hit and I was really happy Bethany liked it!

I have already started on another project (yes, still have a few others waiting to be finished...). This one is a charm quilt made from Moda fabrics (Kansas Troubles: Wildflower Serenade II). This one will be about a twin sized quilt and will be one that we can use when watching TV or reading a good book. It is already on my quilt frame and I am hand quilting this one. I am doing a simple X in each box... the very middle has different sized pieces... so I am still trying to figure out if I am going to stitch in the ditch or shadow box the odd pieces. Ok, I am going to post and then head out... our neighboring town is celebrating it's birthday and there are going to be some fireworks! The kids are on a total sugar high (thank you maker of pixie sticks!) and they need to run off some energy!


vivian said...

hi Charlene! love the quilts. I am going to be making a quilt soon too. it'll be my first one. I have all the fabric already, a friend of mine who is a quilter is making the same one, so we are going to work on them together until I have the hang of it!
I'm glad you stopped by! Enjoy your sunday. Its gorgeous out here today. I really need to get outside and work in the yard. maybe later today!

Ravenhill said...

The quilts are just beautiful!