Monday, May 25, 2009

Lots of Updates!

Again, time has flown by and I am way behind on blogging! Since I last wrote we have completed baseball season, almost finished ballet/acrobat classes and school is almost done! Yikes! Allergies are in full bloom and the slip-n-slide has already been busted and a new one has been bought!

Lets start with Baseball. We moved Cal up to coach pitch baseball this year as we felt he was beyond t-ball and would be better off with the challenge. Chris was his coach and their jerseys were a light blue (Cal was #13) and they were the Eagles. Cal is awesome and the team in general were great athletes and if you were counting... won most if not all their games! Here are some pictures/videos of the season:

Of course all of this baseball has us spending some time in the backyard playing around too!

Well, that's it for baseball... lets see... what else has happened... Awana's... we had award night last week! Here are a few pictures from that!

We also had World Tai Chi & QiGong Day... I did Tai Chi and participated in a Dragon Dance. The kids got to help with the music!

Lydia and I have done a little sewing... I have wanted to make a simple summer dress for Lydia so we hit the fabric store and came up with this little number... Perfect for summer!

Calvin's 1st grade put on a Musical... The Dino Stars!

Cal's school also had a "Fun in the Sun" day... here are a few pictures of some of the 'stations' that they got to participate in! It was a beautiful day even though allergies were a problem!

We also enjoyed a concert by Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band via the USO show for Military Spouses Appreciation Day... here are a few photos of that. (yes, that is Cal in a velcro suit stuck to the wall...)

And last but certainly not least... we have some new residents at our home. My hanging plants have gotten a little fried (we've had a lot of sun) and so I brought them down to water and feed them and guess what I found!!

and here are a few shots of the parents... we will have to come up with names for them! Anyhow, I think they are some kind of Swallow.

If you look out the window above our front door at night you can see the tail feathers of the parents. They seem to stay here during the evening, just close enough to the nest.

This is one parent eating some bugs off the wall...

Here is the other parent... I took this from inside our house, below is the hanging pot where the nest is.


Another egg was layed this morning!

Well, that's it for this blog. I will post some more pictures later today most likely. We are off to attend the Memorial Day Service on post and then I promised Lydia I would take pictures of her on her bike... she ditched the training wheels on Saturday!!

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Oma said...

Wow, looks like everyone has been busy and having lots of fun. You can have your own baseball game in that backyard. We are so excited about coming to visit the end of this week. The kids have all grown so much, I hope I recognize them :)
Love, Oma and Opa sends his love, too.