Sunday, October 2, 2011

Checking in!

One thing about Colorado, there is a lot to do and keeping busy isn't hard~ hence why I haven't been posting anything since March. 
We have been taking a break from Hockey just to get back into the swing of things since the kids went back to school on August 2nd.  I've been busy with new quilts, church activities and getting used to having the kids gone all day at school!!  (insert happy dance)  My house is a little bit more in order (except on weekends when everyone is home or running in and out!) and I am spending more time looking for those crock pot recipes now that the weather is starting to feel more like autumn and hockey is just around the corner. 
Chris is now at a new job up at Division on base and is going to school a couple of nights a week to get his masters complete and is heading up the cub scouts that the boys are a part of.  It's nice to see him a little more even if he is in 'another' uniform. 
Here is a small collection of our summer~  There is a lot more and hopefully these next few weeks will allow me to post those pictures!
Lydia said goodbye to her friend Joy who moved to Japan ~ lots of days spent at the pool ~ hair cuts for the boys ~ Tyler's battle wound from camping ~ Cal's first crawdad ~ Lydia's Lemonade stand ~ recovering Tyler's old pillow ~ a medal for Cal! ~ Colorado rainbows ~ Sky Sox baseball with Darth Vader and the stormtroopers ~ My 42nd birthday ~ new shoes for Lydia

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Anonymous said...

Just letting you know that someone does checks your blog often. Was very pleased to see the entry and see the pictures again. Love, Mom