Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Home of the Free,
Because of the Brave

Yesterday was Veteran's Day and we were able to attend the oldest Parade in our Nation (89 years)... it was also the largest one west of the Mississippi! The parade was held in downtown Leavenworth and ended 2 hours after it began. New recruits took the oath, the Governor was there and every club, band, organization, car, truck, horse, patriot guard, veteran and official participated! (over 200 organizations!) The most moving part was when the parade came to a halt and Taps was played. Every hat was removed, salute and hand over heart was placed and I was wiping tears off my face. It hit me that this was the first parade in America that my kids were attending.... There wasn't one protest sign, rainbow flag or other public personal agenda situation present to disrupt the purpose of the parade and it made me proud that my kids could experience a good 'ol mid American patriotic parade. Lydia and Cal had fun seeing all of the vehicles that the National Guard brought out... esp since they have been in each kind! Ty loved the old Chevy nova and mustangs (so did his mommy!) and loved it when the Patriot Guard roared their motorcycles by... he really loves motorcycles! The rain started 30 min after the parade ended and the day turned out to be one of the best since we've been here.

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Mom said...

What a wonderful way to honor our Veterans. Sounds like a wonderful parade. Every night when I hear taps being played at 10 pm at the DLI, I think of those who are serving now. We need more parades and gatherings like the one you were fortunate to observe. God Bless America and all those who serve and have served our country.